Special Investigations Unit

The Fountain Valley Police Department Special Investigations Unit (SIU) is led by the Detective Bureau Lieutenant and supervised by the SIU Sergeant.  The overall mission of SIU is to take a proactive approach in the reduction of various crimes to include emerging crime trends, narcotics enforcement, vice/massage operations, and gang related crimes.  SIU is also responsible for tracking/monitoring repeat offender activity within the community.  

  • Emerging crime trends:  Our efforts in this area primarily focus on information developed by both our patrol personnel and crime analyst. Various investigative tactics are utilized to identify suspects involved in these types of crimes or locations where they are occurring.
  • Narcotic enforcement: With a strong emphasis on proactive measures, our investigations in this area revolve around the sale, use, and distribution of illegal drugs.  We strive to create and maintain close working relationships with state and federal allied agencies to enhance our ability to address narcotic activity within our community.
  • Vice/ABC: Illicit massage establishments and human trafficking have detrimental impacts on our community. Our enforcement efforts are focused around criminal and administrative actions that are utilized to combat vice related crimes. In partnership with the Alcohol Beverage Control, we monitor all ABC establishments within our community and engage in reactive and proactive measures to deter any potential issues.
  • Gang related crimes: In collaboration with other allied agencies, we monitor gang related crimes and activity occurring within or around our community. SIU Detectives also testify as experts on matters related to criminal street gangs.
  • Repeat offenders:  We regularly track subjects who are on parole and probation and conduct compliance checks/searches to thwart attempts by these individuals to engage in criminal activity. 

If you would like to report any suspicious activity to SIU, please include the following:

  • Address where the activity is occurring
  • Vehicle description and/or license plate numbers
  • Type of drug being sold or illegal activity occurring
  • Any physical indicators of the suspect(s)  (name, age, race, height)

The Special Investigations Unit Sergeant can be reached at (714) 593-4470 or by email at Donald.Farmer@fountainvalley.org