Dispatch Center

Our Communications Center is located in the Police Department and is staffed 24 hours a day by Dispatchers and call-takers.

Annually we receive approximately 75,000 phone calls from the public and process over 55,000 service calls. These calls include Officer initiated activity and Officers sent to assist the public.

Our goal in emergencies is to get help to the caller as quickly as possible. Many times they will stay on the phone with callers while coordinating police and emergency personnel response.

We train our Dispatchers and call-takers to go “above and beyond” by helping solve the issues being experienced by the residents of our community. Frequently we provide referrals, offer solutions or educate the caller, which alleviates the need for police response. Through our computer databases we have many resources including, community services contacts, social service referral information, translation services, and technological tools to get assistance to those who need it. We are proud of the high level of professionalism, performance and service our Dispatchers and call-takers provide.

We encourage community members to call us when they see something suspicious or have a concern. Their call may very well help us prevent a crime or solve a situation before it becomes a critical problem. Our crime prevention motto is, “If You See Something, Say Something.”  We ask the public to use 9-1-1 for any emergencies or when you see a crime occurring.  For non-emergency assistance, call us at 714-593-4485.

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