Canine Officer

K9 Pomix and Kelly

The Fountain Valley Police Department’s Canine Team consists of Officer Gannon Kelly and his partner, K9 Pomix, a German Sheppard born in Germany. The Canine Team supplements front line police functions and is utilized to find/apprehend violent suspects and conduct article, building, and area searches.  K9 Pomix is also utilized to encourage peaceful compliance of combative and concealed suspects.   

Officer Kelly and K9 Pomix attended an intensive 240 hour training course which trains law enforcement personnel in the handling, deployment, and care of a police service dog. Upon graduation, Officer Kelly received a certificate as a K9 handler and K9 Pomix received an internationally recognized title, APSD 1.  Our Canine Team regularly trains in order to maintain proficiency. K9 Pomix and Officer Kelly conduct daily, weekly, and monthly trainings with allied partners to best serve the citizens of Fountain Valley. 

In his off time, K9 Pomix lives and relaxes at home with Officer Kelly.  Upon his eventual retirement, K9 Pomix will continue to live with Officer Kelly and his family. 

Officer Kelly and K9 Pomix regularly engage in public related demonstrations at Fountain Valley community events, so come by and say hello. We look forward to meeting the community. 

K9 Pomix NNO 2023