West County SWAT


In 2006 the Fountain Valley Police Department joined forces with the West County SWAT Team. The West County SWAT Team is a regional Special Weapons and Tactics Team serving the cities of Cypress, Los Alamitos, Westminster, Seal Beach and Fountain Valley. 

West County SWAT has three units including; Tactical Officers, Crisis Negotiators and Tactical Dispatchers. The Tactical Officers Unit is comprised of   tactical paramedics, containment, react/entry and sniper teams. 

Joining West County SWAT resulted in a four-fold increase in personnel trained for tactical operations.  Team members are selected from each Department after undergoing a stringent performance review, and in the case of tactical team members, a physical proficiency test, firearms qualification and a scenario based exercise.

 Team supervisors are responsible for Team readiness, conducting monthly training in critical incident management and response to a variety of high-risk incidents.

Fountain Valley Police Department - 50th Anniversary S.W.A.T. Demonstration

This group of specially trained and highly skilled personnel are utilized where disciplined team work, tactical skills and crisis negotiation skills are required to deal with high risk incidents such as; barricaded suspects, active shooters, hostage situations and to serve high risk search and/or arrest warrants. The goal of the Team is to resolve these incidents peacefully.