Mission and Values

                                                                              COURAGE • DUTY • COMMITMENT

Members of the Fountain Valley Police Department will demonstrate the COURAGE to protect life and property in our community. Our DUTY is to provide the highest quality of service in a fair, impartial and ethical manner. Our COMMITMENT is to take a leadership role in providing for public safety and quality of life in a manner that will preserve the public trust.


In order to successfully carry out our stated Mission, as well as achieve our highest potential as an organization, the following values will guide each member of this Department:


We will carry out our duties in a manner consistent with our Oath of Office and the requirements of the law. All public contacts will be handled in a professional, competent and fair manner. We exist to provide quality law enforcement to the community and will never compromise on service.
Members of this Department will treat all persons with respect. It is imperative that victims of crime are not subjected to undue bureaucracy and are treated in a caring and compassionate manner.
Effective law enforcement requires well developed community partnerships. We will work with the community and each other to identify problems, find solutions and successfully implement them.
We will perform our duties with professionalism, enthusiasm and integrity. The security of this community and the safety of our personnel is the responsibility of each member of this Department.
All members will communicate, collaborate and assist one another at all times, regardless of rank or assignment.
Career development requires a collaborative effort. The organization will provide training for all personnel designed to develop their leadership and technical skills. Individual members will take responsibility for their career development.