Cellular 9-1-1 Information

Cellular 911 Saves Lives

Learn the proper use of Cellular 911


Cellular 911 routes to the appropriate law enforcement agency, depending on the cell site being used.

    Call 911 on the roadway when:
  • Accidents are in lanes
  • You see a reckless or drunk driver
  • There are roadway hazards
Accident on the road
                                            Call 911 when there is a medical, fire or police emergency, such as:
                • Life or lives are in danger
                • A fire or serious crime in progress
                • A serious injury or medical condition


Fountain Valley Fire Truck on the Street
                                                                            Call 911 when you need:
  • Immediate help from Law Enforcement
  • Immediate help from the Fire Department
  • Immediate help from the Paramedics
                                                                  Tips to using Cellular 911:
            • Know where you are calling from
            • Look for a landmark or street name
            • Stay calm and speak clearly so the person answering the phone can understand
            • Listen for and answer the dispatcher's questions
            • Stay on the phone until they tell you it's alright to hang up

From the road, your home or anyplace else, you can use your cell phone to call 911 for emergency assistance.