General Plan


California State Law requires that each city prepare and adopt a comprehensive, long-term General Plan (PDF) for its future development which must conform to the guidelines found in the State of California General Plan Guidelines (PDF).

Jurisdiction Regulation

The state law specifies that each jurisdiction's General Plan address seven issue areas which include land use, circulation, open space, conservation, safety, noise, and housing. In addition, local governments are permitted the flexibility to address specific needs and unique characteristics of their jurisdiction. Therefore, the City of Fountain Valley has elected to include air quality and growth management as issue areas to address.


Each of the General Plan chapters address the issue areas and include goals and policies designed to provide a safe and pleasant environment within the City of Fountain Valley into the future.

The City’s General Plan contains 11 chapters that address the 7 mandatory issue areas as required by state law, the 2  elective issue areas, and the glossary of terms. The date of the most recent updates of these documents is shown in parentheses.