Second Opinion

The City of Fountain Valley is committed to delivering excellent customer service. The zoning code is a complex document containing development regulations for the City, and at times, can be confusing. Not every answer to a zoning code or code enforcement question is black and white, which can lead to a certain level of interpretation.

If you need further clarification with a zoning code interpretation or if additional confirmation regarding your zoning matter is necessary, feel free to ask for a second opinion.  

If you disagree with an interpretation you have received from staff regarding the zoning code, you can contact the Planning Department and request a "second opinion".

Fountain Valley Planning Department - (714) 593-4425

For further clarification regarding Building, Fire, and Public Works Department requirements, please contact:

Darik Doggett, Building Official - (714) 593-4268
Building Department Plan Check and Inspections

Michelle Rudaitis, Fire Marshal - (714) 593-4430
Fire Prevention

Temo Galvez, Deputy Director of Public Works, City Engineer - (714) 593-4517
Public Works Department