Public Records Requests

The public may request certain records from the City of Fountain Valley pursuant to the California Public Records Act. To request records the public may visit/call the City Clerk's Office and complete a Public Records Request Form (PDF).

View the California Legislative Information Website for more information

Instructions For Requesting Records

  1. Requests for Records must be submitted to the City Clerk’s office at 10200 Slater Avenue, Fountain Valley, California 92708. The Public Records Request Form may be obtained online, or by contacting the City Clerk’s Office directly at 714-593-4445. Requests may be submitted by facsimile to 714-593-4494 or by email by clicking on the link provided on the Public Records Request Form.
  2. Requests must be for records in the possession of the City of Fountain Valley. Requests should be focused and specific, and must reasonably describe identifiable records (Government Code Section 6253). Requests not meeting these criteria may be returned. If you need assistance in making a focused and effective request that reasonably describes and identifiable record, please let us know and we will be glad to assist you.
  3. You will be notified within 10 days whether your request seeks copies of disclosable public records in the possession of this agency.
  4. The city may invoke a 14 working day extension of time to determine whether we are able to comply with your request.
  5. If your request is to review records (rather than receive copies), an appointment will be made with you for review once the records are gathered.
  6. There is a charge for the direct cost of duplication of $0.10 per page. Payment must be made prior to the release of records. If the documents requested exceed 50 pages, a deposit may be requested.
  7. Records available for review and/or copies of records requested will be available for 10 days after notification of their availability. If you are unable to pick-up or view your records during this time period, notification is required or your request will be considered fulfilled and a new request must be made.