Construction & Demolition


CalGreen Building Codes and CalRecycle trash diversion requirements mandate that most projects issued building permits need to recycle, divert or reuse 65% of the construction related debris that is generated from the project. To achieve this mandate, project applicants must complete a Waste Management Plan (WMP).  As of January 2020, the City changed its municipal code to eliminate the deposit system and adopt an inspection based program to verify compliance. 


A WMP is required to be completed by all residential projects that increase the square footage of a property. For example additions, ADU’s and pool construction. It does not apply to residential projects that do not add square footage to the building. For example plumbing, electrical, roofing, pool maintenance, block walls, patio covers etc.

A WMP is required to be completed by all commercial and industrial projects, including improvement projects, regardless of an increase in square footage.


The WMP identifies Republic Services as the City’s franchised waste hauler and the contractor is required to use Republic Services for debris disposal unless they decide to self-haul. If the contractor decides to self-haul trash to the dump, they have to obtain a dump certificate indicating the dump will recycle 65% of the material and the contractor must keep a copy of their dump tickets for review and collection by inspectors.

Building inspectors will verify the use of Republic or self-haul certifications by collecting invoices from projects during the following phases:

-          Demolition before a construction permit is issued (if applicable)

-          Framing before sign off

-          Final inspection before final sign off

Please note, projects will not be finaled unless dump tickets are provided. Contact your building inspector or the Environmental Services Administrator with any questions you may have.

Waste Management Plan (English)

Waste Management Plan (Vietnamese)