Southern California Water Supply

California's drought is real and is affecting the main sources of water for Southern California, including Fountain Valley. Knowing where our water comes from will help you understand how the current weather conditions are affecting Fountain Valley’s water supply.

Water Sources
Fountain Valley’s water supply comes from 3 main sources:
  • Groundwater 60% - Local groundwater comes from the Lower Santa Ana River Groundwater Basin.
  • Imported Water 26% - The City’s imported water comes from the Colorado River via the Colorado Aqueduct and the Sacramento River via the State Water Project.
  • Recycled Water 14% - Fountain Valley receives recycled water (non-potable water) through the Green Acres Project (GAP) run by the Orange County Water District. Recycled water is used for outdoor irrigation at the Sports Park, Mile Square Park and the golf courses, as well as other outdoor areas and businesses throughout the City.