Water Quality Reports & FAQs

Water Quality Reports

The City of Fountain Valley vigilantly safeguards the water supply. The water delivered to your home meets, and in most cases exceeds, the quality standards required by federal and state regulatory agencies. Pursuant to the California Safe Drinking Water Act, the City monitors over 100 chemicals in the water supply. The results of this testing are published in the City's annual Water Quality Report which is available online and delivered to each mailing address in the City. Click on the links provided on the right to view the current and past water reports. 

Water System Flushing Program
In addition to continually monitoring the quality of the City’s water supply, the City performs routine water system maintenance to ensure reliability, water quality and emergency preparedness. An important part of this routine maintenance is Water System Flushing, a standard industry practice used by water agencies to maintain high-quality water throughout the system.

Flushing operations are required on a regular basis by the California Department of Public Health. During flushing, crews discharge water at maximum velocities. This rapid movement of water scours pipe walls to remove residue, eliminates “aged” water, increases chlorine residuals, removes sediment and improves water quality, taste and odor. Click here for more information about our flushing program, or click on the picture below to watch the process in action.

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