Cart Service

Each residential service address is provided with one set of three 95-gallon carts (blue, green and brown) for the purpose of waste disposal. Each cart color is designated for a certain type of material: blue cart - recyclable material, green cart - green waste, brown cart - trash. (Scroll down to learn more about what goes where.) All carts are the property of Rainbow Environmental Services.

Smaller Carts

Smaller carts with 35-gallon and 65-gallon capacities are available upon request based on the size of the household and demonstrated need.

Additional Carts

Residents may request one additional Recyclable Material (blue) cart and one additional Green Waste (green) cart for no additional charge. Residents may also request one additional Trash (brown) cart, subject to a one-time delivery and handling charge of $75. The additional cart(s) must be the same size as the other carts in use at the household. Residents must use their extra cart(s) on a regular basis. Unused extra carts must be returned to Rainbow Environmental Services.

Cart Repair and Replacement

Rainbow environmental services will repair or replace carts damaged by ordinary wear and usage at not charge to the customer. The life expectancy of the carts is 10-12 years. To request repair or replacement of a cart, call Rainbow Environmental Services at 714-847-3581.

Carts intentionally abused or damaged by the customer through use other than that of waste collection will be repaired or replaced at the customer's expense. Repairs will be charged at a rate of $25 per repair. Carts will be replaced at the following rates: $75 for a 95-gallon cart, $70 for a 65-gallon cart, and $65 for a 35-gallon cart.


What Goes Where?

Blue Cart (Recyclable Material)

  • Food containers such as metal cans, glass or plastic bottles or jars
  • Other plastics made from high density polyethylene (HDPE), low density polyethylene (LDPE) and polyethylene (PET)
  • Paper products such as newspaper, cardboard, magazines, telephone books, junk mail, office paper, computer paper, other white and colored paper
Blue Waste Bin

Green Cart (Green Waste)

  • Yard waste such as grass, leaves, branches, shrubbery, and plant soil
  • Green waste does not include palm fronds 
Customers may choose to not have a green waste cart if there is no vegetation at their residence, they are subject to association or other similar landscape maintenance, or they utilize a gardener that removes the green waste material from the property for disposal outside of the city limits. Plant waste is not permitted within either the blue recyclable materials cart or the brown trash cart. To request the removal of an unneeded green waste cart, call Rainbow Environmental Services at 714-847-3581.
Green Waste Bin
Brown Cart (Trash)
  • Animal waste, animal bedding and cat litter
  • Food packaging that is mixed (contaminated) with food waste
  • Food waste
  • Full or unopened food containers
  • Grease, fat and lard
  • Palm fronds
  • Paper products (i.e., paper plates, napkins, paper towels, bags) that are mixed (contaminated) with food waste or grease
  • Plastic toys
  • Sheet or plate glass
  • Styrofoam, packing peanuts and similar packing materials, closed cell foam, and upholstery foam
  • Wood waste
  • Any items not eligible for placement in the blue recyclable materials cart or green waste cart

Brown Waste Bin