About the Division


The Public Works Engineering Division is comprised of a dedicated staff of engineering and inspection professionals which manage, operate and facilitate the City's multimillion dollar Capital Improvements Program (CIP), Traffic Engineering Program and Development Review. The Engineering Division is responsible for planning, funding, designing and constructing the city's CIP, which includes:
  • Arterial roadway rehabilitation
  • Collector street and industrial street rehabilitation
  • Engineering and development review
  • Intersection and roadway capacity improvement
  • Landscape / hardscape beautification
  • Park and playground equipment improvements
  • Residential roadway rehabilitation
  • Sewer rehabilitation
  • Sidewalk improvements
  • Traffic and transportation

Traffic Signals

The Engineering Division manages the City's state-of-the-art Traffic Management Center (TMC) and maintains the City's traffic signal network, which includes 54 traffic signals and 18 miles of traffic signal fiber optics. The Engineering Division also participates in interagency cooperative efforts with OCTA, OCSD, OCWD and neighboring cities, and seeks out federal, state and county grant funding opportunities for City CIP projects.

Additional Information

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