Robbery Prevention

Robbery is a crime against the person and a frightening experience. It can result in injury or even death to the victim. It is important to remember in protecting your business from robbery to take preventive measures and make it obvious that those measures have been taken.

Methods for Discouraging Robbery
  • Lock unused doors.
  • Avoid working alone.
  • Vary the schedule and route for your bank deposits each day.
  • Use an armored car service for bank deposits.
  • Make sure your cash register is clearly visible to passers-by. Arrange the counter so that the customer, or robber, is visible from the street.
  • Avoid placing signs or displays near windows, which block visibility.
  • Display signs indicating employees do not have access to the safe.
  • Advertise your security alarm system with signs in visible locations.
  • Install surveillance cameras which are maintained and have a secure recording method.
  • Develop a mutual aid system among stores on your block. Agree to keep an eye on each other’s buildings and watch for any suspicious activities.
  • Place colored tape markers at exits and at various heights. Then, if you are robbed, you can get an accurate estimate of the suspect’s height.
If a Robbery Occurs
  • Someone points a gun at you and demands your money. What do you do? Give it to him. Never refuse a robber!
  • If you have a silent alarm and can reach it unnoticed, use it. Otherwise, wait until the robber leaves.
  • If possible, signal other employees. Have a prearranged signal for such emergencies. Again, if the robber will see you, wait.
  • Avoid sudden moves. Many robbers are just as nervous as you are.
  • The most important thing to do if you are robbed: observe. The description of the suspect you give to police may be the only information they have to go on.
Steps to Take After a Robbery
  • Call 911 immediately. Do not waste a minute.
  • Take notes about the robber, his physical appearance, clothing, weapon and the crime immediately after you call the police.
  • Try to remember the robber’s exact words.
  • Try to observe any vehicle the robber uses to get away.
  • Keep everyone away from surfaces the robber may have touched.
  • Cooperate fully with law enforcement representatives and prosecutors. Your help is crucial.