Harden the Target

So how do you harden the target and at least reduce the likelihood of becoming a victim of a residential burglary? Here are some suggestions:
  • Consider owning a dog (burglars hate attention).
  • Install an alarm system.
  • Visually inspect your rear yard. If a burglar slips undetected into your backyard, anticipate how he will try to break into your home, and harden the target.
  • Do not have an open door policy when it comes to burglars. Lock your front door, even when you are home.
  • When no 1 is at home, always keep your doors and windows locked.
  • Do not leave jewelry and cash where it is easy to find.
  • Secure all your doors and windows when you leave.
  • Install solid core doors with deadbolt locks.
  • Use locking pins on sliding windows and doors.
  • Consider double pane windows (a proven burglar deterrent).
  • Engrave a personal identification number on valuable items such as electronics. Engravers are available for loan from our Crime Prevention Office.
  • Take close-up, detailed photos of expensive jewelry.
  • Prepare and keep safe a list of valuable items and their serial or personal identification numbers.
  • Use a radio/light timing device when on vacation.
  • Have a neighbor pick up your mail and newspaper (or have it temporarily stopped), and check on your house periodically when you are on vacation. Arrange for a vacation check by our Reserve Senior Volunteers by calling 714-593-4485.
  • Read the Crime Trend bulletins. A well-informed public, equipped with the knowledge of how to take away a thief’s opportunity to commit a crime, is a valuable tool for crime prevention.
  • Be alert. Alert neighbors are responsible for the majority of arrests made in residential burglaries.