Automatic Aid / Mutual Aid

Automatic Aid Pacts

Fountain Valley Fire Department participates with the 3 fire departments which border Fountain Valley (Costa Mesa Fire Department, Huntington Beach Fire Department, and Orange County Fire Authority) in automatic aid pacts, which provide for the response of the closest fire and paramedic units regardless of jurisdictional boundaries.

Fountain Valley fire companies respond into neighboring cities and units from the adjacent fire departments which respond to emergencies within Fountain Valley multiple times each day. This assures that the citizens receive the fastest response and the best service for their tax dollars.

California Fire Mutual Aid System

The Fountain Valley Fire Department also participates in the California Fire Mutual Aid System. This highly organized system is established to provide assistance to jurisdictions in Orange County and throughout the state, when the size of a major emergency exceeds the control capabilities of a local fire department.

This system is activated for such things as major wild fires, earthquakes, and large scale hazardous materials emergencies. Fire/paramedic companies from the Fountain Valley Fire Department respond as many as several times per year throughout California as part of this system.

State-Owned Fire Engine
In addition, the Fountain Valley Fire Department is fortunate enough to have a state-owned fire engine assigned to one of its stations. Through an agreement with California’s Office of Emergency Services, Fountain Valley has use of this engine as a reserve engine for our city. In return, Fountain Valley firefighters staff the engine and respond with it to major emergencies anywhere in the state, when necessary.

Front of the state-owned fire engine