Temporary Use Permit

A Temporary Use Permit allows short-term activities that might not meet the normal development or use standards of the applicable zoning district, but may otherwise be acceptable because of their temporary nature.


Examples include car washes, outside displays/sales, special events, and more. Chapter 21.48 of the Fountain Valley Municipal Code provides a full list of allowed and exempt temporary uses as well as standards, and review processes.

Application Process

In order for a business, organization, or private party to conduct a temporary use on privately owned property and outside of a private structure, a temporary use permit must first be obtained.

The following are the steps that must be taken to apply for a temporary use permit:
  • Print and fill out the Temporary Use Permit Application (PDF). The application is also available at City Hall.
  • Submit the application at least:
    • 15 days prior for events planned in a non-residential area
    • 30 days prior for events planned in a residential area


Temporary Use Permit Application costs vary depending on the duration, size, and type of use. Call 714-593-4425 to find out how much your application will cost or with any other questions.