Traffic Safety Tips

Here are a few tips for playing it safe:
  • Be polite to other drivers.
  • Obey the law.
  • Keep your speed under the limit and safe for roadway conditions.
  • Maintain a safe distance - Stay at least 1 car length behind the vehicle in front of you for every 10 miles per hour you are driving.
  • When turning left, be alert and yield to any oncoming cars.
  • Look carefully before turning onto a major street from a residential neighborhood, and leave plenty of time to accelerate. This is one of the most common causes of collisions.
  • Always wear a seatbelt, even if you are just driving down the street for groceries.
  • When stopped at a red light, pause and look both ways when the light turns green. It only takes a second.
  • Avoid driving while distracted by another activity. Do not use your cell phone or eat while driving.
  • Do not become upset by other drivers.