Parkway Tree Definitions

Unacceptable Parkway Trees

Some mature trees are unacceptable as parkway trees due to the damage they cause to sidewalks, curbs, gutters, roadways, and sewer lines. Removing unacceptable trees will reduce ongoing and recurring maintenance costs to the City. When the City determines a parkway tree is unacceptable, the City will remove the unacceptable parkway tree and plant a new tree at no cost to the resident.

Undesirable Parkway Trees

Undesirable parkway trees, in most cases, should be removed and replaced with a City approved tree. There may be instances where an undesirable parkway tree adds to the street scene and neighborhood aesthetics. These neighborhood benefits may warrant working around some of these trees, providing they are not creating extensive damage to curbs, gutters, or streets. To preserve street scenes and neighborhood aesthetics in areas that may have undesirable trees in the parkway, sidewalks will be ground, ramped, or replaced to otherwise accommodate these trees.

Unauthorized Parkway Trees

The City’s Authorized Tree List identifies species appropriate for the space and height restrictions of a parkway. Trees planted in the parkway without a City permit or that are not on the approved tree list are not suitable for a parkway due to damage caused to curbs, gutters, roadways, and private sewer laterals. Significant cost is incurred by the City from repairing the damage to sidewalks, curbs, and gutters. Unauthorized trees may also pose or create hazards to pedestrians using the sidewalks adjacent to the parkway trees. Trees that were previously approved or appeared on a prior authorized tree list will not be considered unauthorized under this program although they are not currently on the City’s Authorized Tree List. Replacing unauthorized trees with appropriate species will reduce recurring maintenance and repair costs to the City. 
A 30-day notice of violation (Notice) will be sent to any resident with an unauthorized or undesirable parkway tree. The Notice will require the resident to remove the unauthorized or undesirable parkway tree and replace it with a tree from the City’s Authorized Tree List within 30 days. If the resident does not comply with the Notice, the City will remove the unauthorized or undesirable parkway tree and plant an authorized tree at the resident’s expense. 

Unwanted Parkway Trees

With City approval, residents may choose to remove and replace an acceptable but unwanted parkway tree with a different authorized species. 
The City, at its cost, reserves the right to remove and replace any unacceptable or undesirable parkway tree when one or more of the aforementioned conditions have occurred. All trees will be planted in accordance with the City’s standard plans and the species of tree will be selected from the City’s Authorized Tree List (PDF).