FVFD Paramedic Membership Program

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As the costs of medical care still continues to rise, The Fire Department feels it is important to make sure your family is covered in the event of an emergency. The City of Fountain Valley is offering a program that is designed to help you during emergency situations called the Paramedic Membership Program. This program offers residents of Fountain Valley an opportunity to participate in an annual $60 membership that will cover all “out-of-pocket” costs when your insurance is billed for 9-1-1 emergency medical care and ambulance transportation.  We will accept whatever is paid, after insurance is ducted, as “payment in full.” 

By participating in this voluntary program you can receive Paramedic/ambulance coverage for a very moderate annual cost. The annual cost of a household membership is $60.
The Paramedic Membership Program has been an official program of the City of Fountain Valley Fire Department since July of 2010.


                   View our Paramedic Membership Program Video Here

Program Highlights as of August 2023: 

  • This membership will cover all Fountain Valley residents anywhere in the City along with family and friends who get sick or hurt at the residents property 
  • The membership will cover the costs for the Paramedics and ambulance for all emergency (9-1-1) medical care calls.
  • Your medical insurance will be billed for the 9-1-1- medical care and ambulance transportation, if you are a member, the balance will not have to be paid by you
  • Membership fee is only $60 per household
  • If you would like to become a member:
    •  Call Fire Administration at  714-593-4436 or send an email to:   pmmember@fountainvalley.org with a Paramedic Membership Enrollment form (see below for form)
    •  Fill in and Print off the enrollment form from the link listed hear or below:   Paramedic Membership Enrollment Form FILLABLE and mail to:  10200 Slater Avenue, Fountain Valley with your $60.00 annual payment
    • You can also enroll in person at City Hall, 10200 Slater Avenue, Fountain Valley
  • Questions, please contact – Fire Administration @ 714-593-4436 or email:  pmmember@fountainvalley.org

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the Paramedic Membership Program and what does it cover?

To ensure that the city provides high quality, modern pre-hospital care when 9-1-1 is called, the Paramedic Membership Program was created.  The newly updated membership continues to offer the residents of Fountain Valley an opportunity to participate in an annual $60 membership that will now cover all “out-of-pocket” costs when your insurance is billed for 9-1-1 emergency medical care and ambulance transportation.  We will accept whatever is paid as “payment in full.” 

**Members without insurance at the time of the emergency medical incident will receive a 20% discount on the total bill.  
 Discounts are not given to non-members**

 (The City will accept Medi-Cal payments at “payment in full”.  Membership is not necessary unless you wish to have coverage for others in your household)

 2. Who is covered by the Paramedic Membership Program?

All family members that reside within your home , anywhere within the City of Fountain Valley 24 hours a day.

3.  What if someone needs emergency medical attention at my house?

 Your membership extends to guests at your household, at the time of an emergency and will cover anyone who is injured or sick at your property.

 4. How do I sign up for the Paramedic Membership Program?

You have several ways to sign up. You may: 

  • Fill out a Paramedic Membership Enrollment form,  found HERE OR at the end of this document for residents to complete.
  • Call Fire Administration at  (714) 593-4436 or email us at pmmember@fountainvalley.org and an enrollment form will be sent to you.
  • Go to www.fountainvalley.org to our Paramedic Membership Tab
  • Look for our Ads in the Senior Center Magazine, The Center Piece and at Bus Stops in Fountain Valley: use the QR Code to connect to our Paramedic Page and sign up! 

5. How do I pay for the Paramedic Membership Program?

  • A check or money order made out to “The City of Fountain Valley” can be sent in with your completed enrollment form to: Mailing address: 

                            Fountain Valley Fire Department

                             10200 Slater Avenue

                             Fountain Valley, CA  92708

  • If paying by credit card, you will need to come to City Hall to make payment.  The cashier will accept Discover, Master Card and Visa.  Again, please make sure you have a completed enrollment form with you when making payment.  Payments cannot be made on-line or over the phone when paying by credit card at this time. We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause you. 

 6. Why aren’t my taxes paying for this service?

The cost of 9-1-1 pre-hospital care has increased significantly since the inception of paramedic services in the late 60’s.  Providing emergency medical services is an additional service that the fire departments provide and has far exceeded typical city revenue sources such as, but not limited to property tax.  Paramedics are highly trained emergency medical technicians that provide pre-hospital care.  The revenue from this program offsets some of the costs associated with providing contemporary 9-1-1 pre-hospital care to our community. 

7. What happens if I am not a member to the program and I use the paramedic service?

Whether or not you are a member to the Paramedic Membership Program, you will always receive the highest level of emergency medical treatment and transportation.  All patients will be billed for 9-1-1 emergency medical care and ambulance transportation.  As a non-member, your insurance will be submitted for your services but you will be responsible for any unpaid balance.

8. Do other cities’ programs cover me if I am enrolled in Fountain Valley?

No. We do not have reciprocity with other cities’ programs.


Fire Department Administration Office:  714-593-4436

Email address:  pmmember@fountainvalley.org

Mailing Address: Paramedic Membership Program

Fountain Valley Fire Department

10200 Slater Avenue

Fountain Valley, CA 92708