Who is eligible for the program?

The City of Fountain Valley Home Improvement Program is open to City of Fountain Valley homeowners meeting the following criteria:

  • Home must be owner occupied as the primary residence
  • Home must be located in Fountain valley
  • Home must be in NEED of repairs (no remodel or upgrades allowed)
  • Applicant(s) liquid assets must not exceed $50,000 or $100,000 (based on age and income)
  • Applicant(s) must not have had a bankruptcy discharged within 24 months
  • Household must meet low-income limits established by HUD
  • Homeowner must not own other rental property or real estate holdings.

Additional information regarding the City’s Home Improvement Programs and related eligibility requirements may be found on the City’s Housing Rehabilitation Program page.

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2. Who is eligible for the program?
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