I'm being pulled over by the police. What do I do now?
If a police officer turns on his/her red lights behind you, you are being pulled over. Immediately pull to the right curb and stop. The officer may direct you via his loud speaker, to pull into a parking lot or other safe location. The officer will make contact with you at your vehicle. Do not exit your vehicle. Keep your hands in plain sight (on the steering wheel is a great place) and do not make any quick movements or reach for anything under the seats, in the glove box or anywhere else without first letting the officer know what you are doing.

The officer will advise you why you are being stopped. He will also ask for your driver's license, registration, and proof of current vehicle insurance. You are required by law to provide all 3 of these documents.

You will either be warned on the violation you committed, or be issued a traffic citation. If a citation is issued, you are required to sign the citation. This is not an admission of guilt, but only your promise to appear in court on a later date. If you refuse to sign the citation, you will be arrested and booked into jail (40302(b)CVC).

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2. I'm being pulled over by the police. What do I do now?
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