What are commercial, industrial and institutional sites?

"Commercial, industrial and institutional" refers to commercial water users, industrial water users, and institutional water users as respectively defined in Water Code, section 10608.12, subdivisions (e), (i), and (j), and includes homeowners' associations, common interest developments, community service organizations, and other similar entities but does not include the residences of these entities' members or separate interests.

California Water Code Definitions (Section 10608.12)

Commercial Water User - a water user that provides or distributes a product or service.

Industrial Water User - a water user that is primarily a manufacturer or processor of materials as defined by the North American Industry Classification System code sectors 31 to 33, inclusive, or an entity that is a water user primarily engaged in research and development.

Institutional Water User - a water user dedicated to public service. This type of user includes, among other users, higher education institutions, schools, courts, churches, hospitals, government facilities, and nonprofit research institutions.


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