Why does my water taste or smell different during different times of the year?
Unlike many areas of Orange County, Fountain Valley is not dependent upon only one source of water. Approximately 75 percent of our total domestic water supply is local groundwater pumped from wells within the Orange County Groundwater Basin. The remaining 25 percent of our water supply is imported water which is purchased from the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California (MWD).

MWD imports water from the Colorado River via the Colorado River Aqueduct and from Northern California via the California Aqueduct, also known as the State Water Project. The City generally uses water from the Colorado River, Northern California and local wells and the mix varies throughout the year. Imported water is treated by MWD using chloramines, a combination of chlorine and ammonia. The City uses chlorine to treat well water as it enters the distribution system. Because your water sources may vary or be made up of a blending of these various types of water, you may notice a difference in the taste or hardness (mineral content) of the water at different times of year. None of these factors affect the safety of your water. Having multiple sources of water is beneficial for Fountain Valley customers. Local groundwater is both higher in quality and lower in cost than imported water which must travel hundreds of miles through aqueduct systems. Having more than one source also improves the overall reliability of our water supply.

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