How can I prevent runoff?

More than incidental water runoff is prohibited during outdoor watering. It carries pollutants to the ocean, wastes water and is a sign that too much water is being applied to the area. If you are experiencing runoff, reduce the amount of time that you are watering. If the area needs more water, try watering for a short amount of time before 9 a.m. and again after 6 p.m.. Just make sure that your total watering duration per station per day is not more than 15 minutes. You will probably find that you need less than 15 minutes per station per day. 

Overspray is different than runoff. Overspray is when sprinklers reach beyond the area being watered and spray hard surfaces, such as streets, sidewalks and driveways. This can be controlled by turning down sprinklers and/or adjusting the sprinkler heads to better direct the water. If you would like to replace your old sprinkler heads with more water efficient rotating sprinkler nozzles, rebates may be available at

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