What are the benefits of the Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) system?
The AMI system reduces operating costs for meter reading and billing, and improves customer service. The direct benefits to the City and its customers include:
* Highly accurate data collection which decreases the possibility of incorrect meter readings.
* Timely information on water usage and cost that allows staff to provide better customer service.
* Timely identification of water leaks which reduces water waste and increased water bills due to leaks.
* Multiple meter reads daily, instead of once every other month.
* Quicker and more efficient customer service, including initiating new accounts, closing existing accounts and addressing billing questions.
* Transmission of information from water meters using low-power radio signals without staff having to open meter boxes or step onto a customer's property.
* Online access to the Water Customer Portal so customers can monitor and manage their water usage. To learn more about online access, click Water Customer Portal.

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1. What is AMI?
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4. What are the benefits of the Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) system?
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