Why AMI?
The City of Fountain Valley used to spend a great deal of time and manpower reading water meters for purposes of normal usage, read-ins/outs and bill/payment resolution. The old method of obtaining reads involved several employees, multiple paper processes, fuel and manual data entry. The timeliness of the reads was also a factor; normal reads were obtained every 60 days. The new AMI system allows the City to remotely monitor the meters on a daily basis.

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1. What is AMI?
2. Why AMI?
3. Why was the metering system changed?
4. What are the benefits of the Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) system?
5. How does it work?
6. How will I know my bill is accurate?
7. Will I see an increase in my water bill?
8. What information is transmitted, and is my account information secure?
9. Will the AMI device's radio signals affect the operation of other electronic devices in my home?
10. Are there any potential health concerns with the radio signals?
11. Is the AMI technology safe?
12. How can I read my AMI water meter?
13. Can I view my water usage online?
14. How can I check for a water leak?