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May 31

Water Quality in Fountain Valley

Posted on May 31, 2023 at 10:49 AM by Meghan Wishner

The City of Fountain Valley Water Department vigilantly safeguards our water supply and, as in years past, the water delivered to your home meets or exceeds the quality standards required by federal and state regulatory agencies.

Pursuant to the California Safe Drinking Water Act, the City monitors for over 100 chemicals in the water supply. The results of this testing are published in the City’s annual Water Quality Report, which is available on the City’s website and delivered to each mailing address in the City by July 1 every year.

The City of Fountain Valley’s 2023 Water Quality Report provides important information about the City’s water supply and the water quality testing results for the calendar year 2022. Please keep an eye on your mailbox in June for this important information or visit the City’s website HERE.

For more information or concerns about this report, or your water quality in general, please contact Kevin Deason, Water Quality Technician, at (714) 593-4624 or via email at kevin.deason@fountainvalley.org.