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May 30

Summer Pool Maintenance Tips

Posted on May 30, 2023 at 8:40 AM by Meghan Wishner

Swimming pools and spas are common in Fountain Valley, but they must be maintained properly to guarantee that chemicals aren’t allowed to enter the street, where they can flow into the storm drains and then into the waterways.

Some pools are plumbed to allow drainage directly into the sanitary sewer. If yours is not, then the discharge of the water is allowed, only if all of these steps are followed:

  • It has been dechlorinated
  • Has a pH between 6.5 and 8.5
  • Is free from unusual coloration, dirt, or algae
  • Contains no filter media or acid-cleaning waste

Never clean a filter in the street or near a storm drain.

Rinse cartridge filters onto a dirt area, and work filter residue into the soil.

Diatomaceous earth cannot be discharged to surface waters, storm drainage systems, septic systems, or on the ground. Backwash diatomaceous earth filters onto the dirt. Dispose of diatomaceous earth and filters in the trash.

If there is not a suitable dirt area, discharge filter backwash water to the sanitary sewer.

Dispose of spent diatomaceous earth filter materials as solid waste.

Thank you for your effort in helping to improve the quality of our City and the environment. For further information, please call the Environmental Services Division at (714) 593-4441.