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Oct 21

[ARCHIVED] Memorial Tree & Bench Program

The original item was published from October 21, 2021 4:45 PM to October 28, 2021 7:11 AM

PWMemorial BenchTree Program

The Memorial Tree & Bench Program provides Fountain Valley residents an opportunity to recognize loved ones who have passed away while honoring those who have made a positive impact in the community. Applicants can dedicate a memorial tree or bench to honor individuals, organizations, and/or businesses who were involved in the community. Dedicating a memorial tree or bench provides a lasting tribute to loved ones and is a gift to the whole community. By planting trees or installing new benches, City parks are beautified and the memorials act as a lasting sentiment to those being honored. 

Memorial Trees

Memorial Trees are a beautiful way to recognize those who have passed. Trees are planted in public areas so everyone can enjoy the shade and beauty that a living tree provides. Trees cool the surrounding air, help filter out airborne dust and pollution, absorb carbon dioxide, and give off oxygen, while providing shade and habitation for wildlife. This inspirational gift will grow stronger over time, will be vibrant with life year after year, and will ultimately benefit the whole community. The Memorial Trees are 15-gallon in size. Residents may select from a list of 21 pre-approved trees and pre-approved park locations. All memorials include an engraved plaque. Tree plaques are made of bronze and are 9 x 6 inches in size and cemented on the ground at the base of the memorial tree. The cost for a Memorial Tree is $950.

Memorial Benches

Memorial Benches provide a beautiful way to recognize those who have passed. Benches can provide a pleasant place for contemplation for visitors. They enhance our sense of belonging and community and make our parks and natural areas more enjoyable for everyone. These beautiful benches make a lasting contribution to the enjoyment of a park. The benches are six feet in length and are available in two colors (cedar or evergreen) depending on the park selected. Residents may select from a list of pre-approved park locations for their memorial bench. All memorials include an engraved plaque. Bench plaques are made of bronze and are 8 x 2 inches in size and are to be directly affixed on the backrest of the bench. The cost for a Memorial Bench is $1,960 or $3,720. Price will depend on the sidewalk: $1,960 for a standard sidewalk and $3,720 for a narrow sidewalk that would require additional concrete.

For more information, please contact the Public Works Department at (714) 593-4433 or visit our website: https://ca-fountainvalley.civicplus.com/1311/Memorial-Tree-Bench-Program.