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Sep 23

I-405 Improvement Project Update

Posted on September 23, 2020 at 12:56 PM by Maggie Le



The I-405 Improvement Project continues within the City of Fountain Valley and has a projected end date of 2023. The City of Fountain Valley would like to highlight the important work that is occurring at four bridges and a few streets throughout Fountain Valley.

  • The Magnolia Street Bridge work is ongoing. The northbound I-405 on-ramp from southbound Magnolia Street will be closed for one month for reconstruction. The bridge is open during construction with anticipated completion of April 2021.
  • The Bushard Street Bridge reconstruction work is nearing completion, and the bridge is set to open to traffic mid-October 2020.
  • The Talbert Avenue Bridge work is ongoing. The bridge is set to open to traffic in March 2021. Due to concurrent Brookhurst bridge preparation work and Talbert Bridge closures, traffic around this area may be heavier.
  • Preparation work on Brookhurst Street has begun for the upcoming reconstruction. Brookhurst Street has been restriped to two lanes in each direction to create a work area in the center median between Slater Avenue and Talbert Avenue. The center median will be demolished and removed to allow traffic to be shifted prior to the upcoming partial demolition and construction of the first half of the Brookhurst Bridge. This median removal and additional preparatory work will take approximately 1.5 months. Brookhurst Street will remain open during construction. (Brookhurst Bridge work will not begin until Bushard Bridge is fully open to traffic.)
  • Talbert Ave and Brookhurst Bridges will have concurrent closure for approximately 5-6 months until March 2021.
  • Work at Euclid Street and Ellis Avenue is ongoing, with partial and full street closures in the future.

In response to additional traffic concerns around the Memorial Care Hospital, the City of Fountain Valley and OCTA collaborated to install traffic signal emergency vehicle pre-emption devices at 28 intersections around the construction detours to provide priority traffic right-of-way to emergency vehicles.

For more information about this project, please contact the 405 Community Outreach Team at 405project@octa.net or 888-400-8994, or visit octa.net/405improvement.