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Jan 24

Sanitary Sewer vs. Storm Drain. What's the Difference?

Posted on January 24, 2020 at 9:02 AM by Maggie Le

Feb 2020 - Sewer vs Storm Drain Image

Storm drains are SEPARATE from the sewer system.
The sewer system takes all the water from inside homes and businesses (such as sinks, bathtubs, washing machines, and toilets) and sends it to a water treatment facility where the water is cleaned before being released to the ocean.


The storm drain system takes all the water from outside homes and businesses (such as rain and overwatering of lawns) and sends it untreated to our local creeks, rivers, bays, and eventually the ocean.

The storm drain system is designed as a flood control system. It allows water from heavy rainstorms to flow quickly to our waterways to avoid flooding our streets, homes, and businesses. However, both storm water and non-storm water runoff from homes and businesses can pick up pollutants as large as shopping carts or as microscopic as bacteria. These pollutants are flushed into our waterways, impacting the environment and recreation at our beaches.

Because runoff that gets into our storm drain system is untreated, it is extremely important we prevent pollutants from entering the storm drains and, ultimately, our waterways. To find out more ways you can be the solution to pollution, visit H2OC.org.