Household Utilities Information Links

This page contains the contact phone numbers and website links for setting up basic Utilities services for Fountain Valley Residents.
Please click on any of the links below to be taken to the appropriate website for more information about a specific Utility.

Fountain Valley City Water Services    (714) 593-4420        Water Emergency (714) 593-4485
Contact us to turn your Water Service On or Off, or if you have any questions about your service.
You may now pay your Water Utility bill online.  Please click the following link, Online Water Utility Payments to sign up online for this service.
You may also elect to receive your Utility Bill via e-mail. Please contact the Water Department at (714) 593-4420 to sign up for this service.
 Click:  For information about your Water Meter and how to check for a Water Leak

Phone Service Note:  Depending on where you live in Fountain Valley, your phone service is provided by one of the following:

AT&T Phone Company                          (800) 310-2355
Frontier Communications                       (800) 921-8101
As of April 1, 2016 Frontier Communications Service has taken over phone and Internet services from
Verizon Phone Company                        (800) 483-4000
Click:  For information about this migration.
Click:  For information on establishing service with Frontier.

OR Spectrum / Charter Communications - listed below - also provides Internet based phone services.

Rainbow Trash Disposal Service               (714) 847-3581
Public Dump Info
Holiday Pickup Schedule

Southern California Edison (SCE)              (800) 655-4555

To Report a Power Outage call SCE at:      (800) 611-1911   Please, DO NOT call 911 for normal power outages!
To Report SCE related scam calls or information on scams, visit:
Requesting Power Service to Upgrade or New Service, Click Here 

Southern California Gas Company             (800) 427-2000
Click:  For additional information about SoCal Gas Customer Portal

Street Sweeping                                         (714) 593-4433

Please be aware that in accordance with FV Municipal Code (FVMC 10.44.076) there is no parking on residential streets on Street Sweeping days.  Leaving a vehicle parked at the curb on the day for Street Sweeping in your neighborhood, may result in receiving a Parking Citation.

Internet Services: 
Frontier Home Internet                               (855) 798-4050

Frontier Business                                       (844) 758-2848
(Provides Internet & Phone service for Fountain Valley businesses)

Spectrum / Charter Communications                                    (800) 892-4357
(Provides Phone service, Broadband Internet connection and Cable Television)

Contact: Felipe Monroig, Sr. Director of Government Affairs
Phone: (703) 623-1828 or Email

Contact: Alicia Berhow, Director of Government Affairs
Phone: (714) 591-4831 or Email

Other Services & Useful Public Information