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The Fountain Valley R.A.C.E.S team "FVRACES"., is a Radio Amateur Civil Emergency Service, R.A.C.E.S., organization. It is staffed by amateur radio volunteers, who train for response to natural disasters (such as earthquake, fire or flood) to provide additional communications links when conventional communications may be damaged or overloaded.

They also assist in civic activities such as parades and festivals. FVRACES members are amateur radio licensees who have passed technical and operational examinations administered under the auspices of the Federal Communications Commission. Members are also certified by the City as Disaster Services Workers in the State of California.

The FVRACES is organized under guidelines of the Federal Emergency Management Agency, F.E.M.A., to provide a valuable resource to our community. In turn, the City of Fountain Valley provides us with training, support, and a base of operations in the Police Department. FVRACES also works closely with other communities and with other government entities including County of Orange, the State of California Office of Emergency Services and F.E.M.A. FVRACES has been part of City organization since 1983 and is well prepared to provide communications when needed.  

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  • MEETINGS - FVRACES meets at the Fountain Valley Police Department the first Saturday of month at 8 AM, except for Holidays, Guests are welcome to attend !
  • WEEKLY RADIO NET - FVRACES meets on the radio for weekly radio net check ins every Monday at 7:30 pm. Our 2 METER repeater is set at 145.260 MHz, minus offset, 136.5 CTCSS. The 70 CENTIMETER repeater is set at 447.320 MHz, minus offset, 94.8 CTCSS. FVRACES alternates between repeaters weekly               
  • ABOUT OUR RACES TEAM MEMBERSHIP - FVRACES has been part of the City of Fountain Valley  organization since 1983 and is well prepared to provide communications when needed.  We are a group of amateur radio operators (HAMs) that routinely volunteer our time and skills to provide  auxiliary communications to augment those of the City of Fountain Valley in times of emergencies or major disasters.

HAM Radio Operators Needed !

Not an operator yet?   Want to become a HAM?   Entry level operator class is it the Technician License.

Earning your FCC Technician License is as simple as passing the 35 question FCC Element 2 multiple choice written exam.  It's not complicated -- no Morse Code is required.  All you need to do is study some of the FCC rules and regulations and learn a little bit about how radios and repeaters systems work.

Practice tests are available online.  A score of 70% is passing.

Locally, the West Coast Amateur Radio Club provides testing.   Please visit their website at: https://www.qsl.net/wcarc/

You Can Join Our Team if You 

  • Are a licensed Amateur Radio Operator. 
  • Are at least 18 years of age
  • Can attend meetings regularly
  • Can check in to weekly radio nets
  • Are available for callouts and special duties
  • Own a portable 2-meter amateur radio
  • Can pass a background check conducted by the Fountain Valley Police Department
  • Desire to provide a public service


You must attend at least six meetings per year and participate in two drills or community service events.


All FVRACES applicants must complete this training prior to membership:   FEMA classes IS-100.C and IS-700.B

The required FEMA classes may be found at:



FVRACES members are expected to adhere to all FCC Rules and Regulations, and to conduct themselves in manner befitting certified public-safety communicators. 

FVRACES members are expected to maintain their radio equipment in reliable working condition, and to have a working knowledge of all functions of their equipment as well as the stationary and portable FVRACES equipment.

FVRACES members are expected to maintain their go bags and first-aid kits in a ready state for virtually any type of activation.

FVRACES members are expected to display their identification badges at all times when participating in any FVRACES sanctioned activity.

FVRACES members are expected to participate in at least 50 percent of all scheduled activities such as monthly meetings, weekly nets, drills, exercises, simulated disasters, and other training activities during the year.

FVRACES members are expected to report for duty during any unscheduled activation by the City of Fountain Valley during a disaster or emergency. Members are expected first to ensure the well being of their families before reporting for duty.

FVRACES members are expected to give 100-percent priority to Fountain Valley RACES for all emergencies and disasters. FVRACES members who hold membership in other emergency communications or service organizations are expected to relinquish first-response membership in those organizations, to avoid conflicts during disaster activations. 

FVRACES members are expected to monitor the Fountain Valley RACES repeaters for activation status or to exchange information, immediately after becoming aware of an actual or possible disaster affecting the City of Fountain Valley.   FVRACES members shall not self-activate.

If you are interested in applying for membership, download the following items below:

FVRACES application and the Disaster Service Worker Registration form     

Completed applications may be sent to the:
Fountain Valley Police Department,
10200 Slater, Fountain Valley, California, 92708
Attention: FVRACES

Training Forms: - FEMA Training