The Housing Division helps shape the city’s economic future and fosters a better quality of life for the citizens of Fountain Valley by offering a variety of programs related to housing and neighborhood preservation.


The following programs were created to assist with home ownership and home improvements for Fountain Valley residents:

Affordable Housing Projects

Liberty at Founders Village: The City of Fountain Valley previously provided funds to the developer.  In return, all of the units are required to be sold to Low or Moderate income eligible households, at an affordable price. Click Here to view the list.

Occasionally,  units come up for resale at Liberty. Subsequent buyers must meet income eligibility and affordability criteria for the term of the affordability. Please note that the City of Fountain Valley does not maintain a list of units currently available for sale. The City does not pre-qualify homebuyers when no units are available. Therefore, the City does not maintain a list of potentially eligible homebuyers.

Additionally, The City of Fountain Valley will only review potential homebuyer documentation, at the time an offer is being presented to the listing agent for a unit that is currently for sale.

Fountain Valley Affordable Housing Database

In accordance with the provisions of AB 987, passed by the California State Legislature, a database listing newly constructed and substantially rehabilitated housing units, that were developed or otherwise assisted with Low and Moderate Income Housing Funds, including units counted toward the agency's Inclusionary and Replacement Housing Obligations, is required to be posted for public review. 

Please be aware this is only a summary of affordable housing units assisted with Low and Moderate Income Housing and is not a listing of currently available housing. Pursuant to AB 987, this listing is updated annually.  Click Here to View

Home Improvement Program

The City of Fountain Valley has several types of assistance to help low to moderate income home owners repair their homes. There are currently funds available for this program.