Fats, Oils, Grease Control Program for Restaurants

Fats, oils and grease (FOG) is a byproduct of cooking and often unintentionally enters the sewer system by washing greasy kitchen equipment, like hood filters, or cookware in the three compartment sink. Washing FOG down the sink can cause grease to build up in the plumbing lines and lead to a sewer spill. Sewer spills are a public health threat that will require your business to close and can lead to beach closures if the sewage discharges to the storm drain system.

To help eliminate FOG related sewer spills and backups, the City will inspect restaurants and other food service establishments that produce FOG and provide them with the educational tools needed to help minimize the introduction of FOG into your facilities plumbing lines and City sewers. 

Posting Signs

Posting "No Grease" signs will remind your employees not to pour used cooking grease, hood-vent grease, or any other used fats and oils down the sink drain. Contrary to popular belief, adding hot water, detergent, or even commercial degreasers does not liquefy the grease long enough to escape your drains. Posting signs will remind employees to use the recycle container.

Training Staff

Restaurant staff in the back of the house should be trained every 6 months to remind them of the importance of controlling FOG. You may use the training manual linked below to educate your employees. All employees should sign the training log indicating they have been trained. Keep this training log in an easily accessible area for inspectors to review during inspections.  

Helpful Guides: Training Manual
  Training Log 

Responding to Sewer Spills

If a sewer spill is occurring follow these steps:

1. Stop all activities, especially food preparation and dishwashing, and  contain the spill immediately.
2. Prevent the overflow from entering gutters, sidewalks, roadways, and especially storm drains.
3. Contract the Orange County 23-Hour water Pollution Hotline
 at (877) 89-SPILL(77455).
4. Report all sewer spills to Fountain Valley Public Works during business hours at (714) 596-4600 or call (714) 593-4485 after business hours.