The City Manager and the City Attorney are appointed and report directly to the City Council.

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The City Council and City Manager are supported by the Administrative staff. Administrative staff are responsible for:

  • Intergovernmental Relations: Involves the tracking of legislation impacting Fountain Valley at the federal, state, and county levels
  • Public Information: Includes communication of city policies and programs to the media and various other audiences
  • Risk Management: Targets minimization of loss of city assets due to accidents, employee injuries, and 3rd-party injuries

City Attorney

The City Attorney is responsible for the disposition of civil matters related to land use, contracts, agreements and ordinances, as well as the prosecution of misdemeanor criminal offenses committed within the city.

City Council

Please visit the City Council's pages to meet your Council Members and learn more about their role in governing the community.

City Manager

The City Manager is the chief administrative officer of the city and is responsible for the day-to-day activities of all city departments. They interact with the City Council on matters of policy and procedure, and responds to local issues concerning public safety, community service, transportation, economic development, and other issues that affect quality of life for the citizens of Fountain Valley.

The City Manager is also the appointed Executive Director of the Successor Agency to the Fountain Valley Agency for Community Development. As director, they administer the housing and economic development policies set forth by the Agency's Board.